School Wide Learning Expectations
Faculty, Staff, and Students at San Xavier Mission School strive to be:
Active Christians
Culturally-Aware Citizens
Effective Communicators
Life Long Learners

San Xavier Mission School was established in 1864.

    San Xavier Mission School is a branch that springs from the deep root of faith among 

the Tohono O’odham people.  This same faith brought to flower the beauty of 

San Xavier Mission Church, nurtured a Christian spirit and Catholic belief since 

the time of Father Kino, and today challenges the Mission School to serve the 

spiritual and educational needs of the youth of the O’odham Nation.

      Staffed by the Franciscan Sisters of Charity of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, since 1940,

lay teachers, and support personnel, San Xavier Mission School educates students from kindergarten to eighth grade.  Today, the school primarily serves Tohono O’odham students 

from San Xavier District, however students from the Pascua Yaqui Tribe 

and the surrounding areas are welcome.

    San Xavier Mission School, affiliated with the San Xavier Mission, is an extension of the educational ministry of the Diocese of Tucson, under the direction of the Bishop of Tucson.  “The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Tucson seek to offer high quality academic programs which are integrated with religious truth and values.  Students are prepared for life in today’s Church and society through a strong, basic and contemporary curriculum and through instruction and formation in the beliefs, values and traditions of Catholic Christianity.”

-Ministry of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Tucson


“Important efforts are also being made to preserve the great patrimony of America’s Catholic elementary and high schools, which have been deeply affected by changing demographics and increased costs, while at the same time ensuring that the education 

they provide remains within the reach of all families, whatever their financial status. As

has often been mentioned in our meetings, these schools remain an essential resource for 

the new evangelization, and the significant contribution that they make to American society as a whole ought to be better appreciated and more generously supported.”

-Pope Benedict XVI’s discourse to Region XIII of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2012


          “The responsibility of a Catholic School is enormous and complex.  It must fulfill its own educational goals by blending human culture with the message of salvation into a coordinated program.  It must help each of the students to actually become the new creature that each one is potentially and at the same time, prepare them for the responsibilities of an adult member of society.

-The Religious Dimension of Education, 1988






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