Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Parents/Guardians are the first educators of their children. Recognizing the need to parental involvement, San Xavier Mission School Parent Advisory Committee meets throughout the year to allow paretns to exercise their role as co-educators. Parents have automatic membership upon registration of their child. Meeting dates are announced at the beginning of the school year and are on the monthly calendar. Each family's participation is necessary for a successful organization.
Parents/Guardians are required to volunteer at SXMS for 50 hours a year. As volunteers, parents/guardians can help in the classrooms, in the library, or on the playground. Parents/Guardians can also assist during health testing, as well as in working at fundraisers and other special activities.
The Parent Advisory Committee Board is elected once every three years in the spring for the following school year. All members are eligible except for school employees.
Jun 26, 2013, 3:37 PM