Parent/Student Handbook in Brief


Tuition at San Xavier Mission School is a negotiated tuition based on the per pupil cost for the school year.  

A “fair share” student tuition agreement is signed by parent/guardian and the principal. The parent/guardian is responsible for fulfilling the contract.
Parents may choose to pay this tuition monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or in one full amount. 
Tuition assistance and grants are available through our Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO), the San Xavier Parish, and other benefactors. All inquiries should be addressed to the school administration.
Religious Instruction
Religious instruction occurs daily in the form of lessons during regular classes as well as throughout all areas of school life.  Students are required to attend Mass once a week and on special days throughout the year.  Religion is the most important aspect of the school experience at San Xavier Mission School. Students strive to live the way of the Gospel.
Sacramental Preparation

Students in second grade prepare for and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Students entering San Xavier Mission School at a later date prepare to receive the Sacraments by attending Religious Education classes after school hours at the Parish Center in addition to the religion classes in school.


Students who have not been baptized are given opportunities throughout the year to prepare for the Sacrament as soon as they feel ready.  Generally, they celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism at a school Mass with their classmates present.  After the Mass, a small class celebration is appropriate.

Elementary Promotion


Eighth grade promotion requirements for Catholic elementary schools shall follow the promotion policy and guidelines of the Diocese of Tucson.


Promotion from elementary school should be kept appropriately simple and inexpensive.  An all school Eucharistic liturgy the day before the promotion. Followed the next day with a simple, dignified exercise, which recognizes the unique value of the Catholic education just completed.


Students promoting will dress in traditional clothes for the celebration.

Tohono O'odham Culture and Language

San Xavier Mission School offers education in the Tohono O’odham heritage and language. 

Homework is assigned to reinforce material already taught and to foster habits of independent study and creativity.  Homework is due the following day unless other directions are given. Suggested time allotments are:
K-1        Homework folder is sent on Monday and due completed on Friday
2-3          15-30 Minutes per day
4-5          30-60 Minutes per day
6-8          60 Minutes a day minimum
Physical Education

San Xavier Mission School firmly believes in the necessity of physical education for the overall healthy development of its students.  Physical education promotes health, physical growth and development along with progress in social competencies relating to sport activities, cooperation as a team effort and possibilities for future recreational enjoyment.  Students will only be excused from PE with a written explanation or a doctor’s recommendation.



San Xavier Mission School participates in yearly achievement testing.  Students in grades 3-8 take standardized assessments. Students in 5th and 8th also take the Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education (ACRE) Test.


Quarterly and Annual Awards


A student receives the Honor Roll Award when he/she has attained a B+ average in each subject for the quarter.  Students receiving this award all four quarters qualify for a special Academic Excellence Award at the end of the year.

A student receives the Christian Spirit Award when s/he puts forth outstanding effort in school work and displays strong personal attributes.  Students receiving this award all four quarters qualify for a special Christian Spirit Award at the end of the year.

Student/Athletes Awards Event is held at the end of the year to recognize students who have worked hard all year in sports. The sports awards given are: Most Valuable, Most Improved, and Sportsmanship.