Daily Schedule



7:15 am     Staff prayer and announcements


7:30 am     Supervision of students begins on the playground.


Breakfast in the cafeteria is served and playground is open.


7:45 am     Teachers pick up students at the playground stairs.


7:50 am     Tardy Bell – Classes begin.


8:30 am     Celebration of Liturgy (All school Masses will be announced)          


                    Wednesdays – Grades 3-8

                    Thursdays – Grades K-2


9:45 am     Recess for Grades K-5


11:30 am    Recess/Lunch for K-3

                    (Friday 11:15)


12:00 pm    Recess/Lunch for 4-8

                    (Friday 11:45)


3:00 pm      Dismissal (Friday 12:30)








       Students enrolled in San Xavier Mission School are expected to be in attendance each day school is in session, except for excused absences such as illness.  Excessive absences (10% of the number of required attendance days) may be cause for retention or withholding credit.


(Diocesan Policy #2130)





A child is required to bring a written excuse to school for each absence, even if a phone call was made. Unexplained “family emergency” does not constitute a suitable excuse for absence.


(Diocesan Policy #2130 B)