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Summer Activities & Programs 2016

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Activities & Programs for Summer 2016

Happy New Year

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Parents and Guardians, 

Another new year has started at San Xavier Mission School. The last five months of the year will be busy and filled with academic achievement. 

Our academic goals include continued improvement of all students. Students are given their current achievement levels and challenged to improve scores. 

As a school, SXMS is challenged to reach an average of 50 on the National Percentile Ranking. Although some students have met this standard the averages in the classes are below this goal. 

Reading is the most important skill to show high improvement. It will help all other skills including math and science. 

Reading must be practiced every day and night to meet this goal. Parents can help by making homework a necessary part of the family routine. 

Second Quarter Conferences

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San Xavier Mission School will be holding second quarter conferences by request of the parent or teacher. The conferences will be held on Wednesday January 13th. There will be early dismissal on that day. 

Parents can call the office to request a conference. The office will call the parent if the tea her has requested a conference.

Ms. Irma - 294-0628


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San Xavier Mission School has a school management system that allows parents to check their children's grades online. Teachers will post homework in an e-classroom page for each class. This is available 24/7, so the next time your student says they don't know if they have homework, you can check with your own account.  If more information or help to get on your child's e-classroom please call the office.

Log into:



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Parents and Guardians,
San Xavier Mission School is dedicated to the partnership between parents/guardians and the school. Much of this relies on varies forms of communication. 
Teachers are reachable by email and phone. Parents and Guardians can also request a conference for a face to face discussion of progress or problem. The school phone number is 294-0628. 
Teacher's emails:
I encourage you to communicate early in a problem. Our staff wants your family's school experience to be academically successful.
I also encourage you to take advantage of scholarship availability. Starting in January, parents can apply for money in their children's name for the next school year. The paperwork can be overwhelming but the school office personnel can assist you with the paperwork or answering questions. 
Our partnership on all levels will make a successful school.


SXMS Yearbook

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Families are encouraged to keep photos of school events so they can be submitted for the school yearbook.
In the near future you will be getting a web address to submit your photos.


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