San Xavier Mission School 

is a Catholic community of faith, 

knowledge, and service: himdag




We are committed to educate, nurture, and empower Tohono O'odham students, other Native American students, and students of all cultures, to strengthen their living expression of the Catholic faith. Our diverse academic program develops a student's respect for tradition and culture as well as provides the necessary academic skills to succeed in an every changing world.

The students, parents, teachers, principal, pastor, staff, benefactors, volunteers, and tribes form our school family. As a Catholic school we are called to teach the Gospel, to build community, and to serve the needs of the local and universal Catholic Church.

The teachers, with the support of the parents/guardians who are the primary educators of their children, facilitate religious development, academic achievement, habits of life long learning, community service, care of Mother Earth, moral, personal, social, physical, health habits, and cultural development.